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Ramesh’s specialized team is responsive to the needs of its customers to help them in their journey.



The Ramesh team accepts responsibility for its obligations to the clients.


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Ramesh has a professional and experienced team, always moving to meet the needs of its clients.

Ramesh Immigration and Law Firm Services

تیم حقوقی رامش زمینه

Legal and immigration advice in the UK and Iran


Preparation and arrangement of various legal documents and contracts


Visa and immigration services for studying,working and investing in the UK


Providing legal services and consulting in the field of trade law and commercial contracts

Ramesh Immigration Department

Immigration is one of the most difficult decisions of anyone, but the decision to act is a long way off, as it always carries challenges. One of these challenges is choosing the destination country. Apart from the countries of Argentina and Canada and the United States, which have many applicants, the UK is an attractive option for many to start a new life. While there may be obstacles to this path, given its job opportunities, excellent education system, and rich culture and history, it can make it easier to face them

کشور برای مهاجرت

Ramesh Immigration and Law Firm is your consultant in the UK.

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Ramesh Immigration and Law Firm provides legal and immigration services to its clients. The institute is comprised of lawyers and legal and immigration consultants and aims to provide legal and immigration services in various cases such as: immigration to the UK, contractual, legal, commercial and financial affairs, etc. Ramesh Institute is always on the side of its customers and provides them with all immigration related steps including the preparation of required documents and getting visas.

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Ramesh Legal Department

Legal and criminal issues are one of the most important and complex issues that we can face in any society. These issues include legal rights and obligations, crime and crimes, prosecution, litigation and other legal matters. One of the most important legal issues is property rights. This right belongs to the owners of goods and property and protects them. If someone uses the property of another person unauthorised, they can be legally sued. Other legal issues include commercial cooperation, contracts, labor rights, family and property rights. Each of these issues has its own rules and regulations and in the event of a violation, a penalty is considered for the offending person