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Immigration is one of the most difficult decisions of anyone. Apart from the problems in the destination country, finding a safe and suitable way to migrate is very risky. But if this is planned according to a process, it can certainly be successfully taken this route, we at the Ramesh Immigration Team try to play an important role in your success in this field with careful planning.

We cooperate with experienced and expert Iranian and English lawyers in the UK and the most up-to-date news and legal information related to employment, education, investment, company registration and … We have this country. We are also working to provide our consulting services for you based on the latest legal reforms.
At Ramesh Law and Immigration Agency, we provide advice to people who intend to migrate in various ways (such as employment, education, company registration, property purchase, etc.) to consider the most appropriate method for them. Then we are with you step by step, dear ones.

about us

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about us

Ramesh Legal Team

Legal issues can happen wherever you are. Whether you are in Iran or in the UK, the legal team of Ramesh is involved in various legal issues including registration, criminal, family, property and … We are on your side. We have hired the most experienced legal attorney in every field to provide professional counsellors to you.